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Steam burn- on the frontlines

There is extensive use of steam and hot water in the oil industry in Western Canada for the extraction of bitumen from the oil sands and the production of heavy oil. The steam used in the oil industry for the purpose of extraction is under very high pressure (upto 13,500 kPa) and is a considerable hazard to the workers that come in contact with it. Standard fire resistant (FR) protective garment systems worn by the workers do not provide adequate protection against steam and hot water related hazards. Apparel Solutions International along with the University of Alberta and other stakeholders have come together through the ‘Steam Project’ to find solutions for the issue of steam and hot water, within the context of the oil and gas industry. Significant research has been done so far on the Level 2 protective garment systems usually worn by the workers in the oil industry over their FR coveralls while performing critical and hazardous tasks involving steam and hot water. The ‘Steam Project’  has also established some preliminary research on seams, to enable the fabrication of a protective garment system using a tri-laminate fabric along with impermeable seams that would project against steam and hot water. Apparel Solutions International is setting the trend for the industry on this path breaking research and is fulfilling the need for better PPE for the workers in the oil industry, through research and innovation.

We here at Apparel Solutions are proud to be involved in the “Steam Project’ and we are always striving to be at the forefront of the ever changing safety requirments in today’s industries.

 Follow these links to see a  VIDEO  on the garments built right here, a write up from the U of A site on the emerging issue, or these recent articles in the Edmonton JournalCalgary Herald.

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