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Show Your Pair! – fundraising for cancer research


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Apparel Solutions has partnered with Alberta Cancer Foundation to begin a program of selling flame resistant clothing to corporations and people in the oil, gas and electrical sectors to raise awareness and donations for prostate cancer.


Alberta Cancer Foundation is the primary fundraising partner for the 17 cancer centers across the province, including the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary and the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. Patients and their families in both rural and urban areas are the first to benefit from the most advanced equipment, medical staff, research and treatment options available, thanks to the support of our incredible donors.


Dr. John Lewis, who is leading the way in prostate cancer research in Alberta, has made incredible strides since arriving here a few years ago. He has developed a test that can be used at the time of diagnosis to determine whether or not prostate cancer cells are at risk of spreading to other areas of the body (metastasizing). His team is currently in the early stages of a clinical trial program that will help to bring this test to mainstream use within a couple of years. Having a diagnostic test such as this available, will make a huge difference in the type of treatments a patient may need and provide a better quality of life for patients facing prostate cancer. In addition to this test, Dr. Lewis and his team are developing a glue-like drug that makes tumor cells sticky and therefore unable to leave the tumor site.  Dubbed ‘tumor-glue’, it keeps cancerous cells from spreading to other areas of the body like the lungs, lymph nodes, or brain, and greatly improves the survival rate for those diagnosed with this disease. More importantly, a drug such as this may be used with other metastatic cancers such as breast or melanoma.


ASI will build its traditional UL certified flame resistant coverall made in a medium blue color (Prostate Cancer color) and we will be donating a specific amount of funds from the sale of each coverall. The garments will come with the Prostate Aware logo and the #SHOWYOURPAIR slogan/hash tag.

See the garment image here.

We are partnering with our suppliers, customers and employee’s to generate as much exposure and funds as possible for this wonderful cause.


Thank you for your partnership

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