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Show Your Pair! – fundraising for cancer research


Prostate Aware                   Podium_Sign

Apparel Solutions has partnered with Alberta Cancer Foundation to begin a program of selling flame resistant clothing to corporations and people in the oil, gas and electrical sectors to raise awareness and donations for prostate cancer.


Alberta Cancer Foundation is the primary fundraising partner for the 17 cancer centers across the province, including the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary and the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. Patients and their families in both rural and urban areas are the first to benefit from the most advanced equipment, medical staff, research and treatment options available, thanks to the support of our incredible donors.


Dr. John Lewis, who is leading the way in prostate cancer research in Alberta, has made incredible strides since arriving here a few years ago. He has developed a test that can be used at the time of diagnosis to determine whether or not prostate cancer cells are at risk of spreading to other areas of the body (metastasizing). His team is currently in the early stages of a clinical trial program that will help to bring this test to mainstream use within a couple of years. Having a diagnostic test such as this available, will make a huge difference in the type of treatments a patient may need and provide a better quality of life for patients facing prostate cancer. In addition to this test, Dr. Lewis and his team are developing a glue-like drug that makes tumor cells sticky and therefore unable to leave the tumor site.  Dubbed ‘tumor-glue’, it keeps cancerous cells from spreading to other areas of the body like the lungs, lymph nodes, or brain, and greatly improves the survival rate for those diagnosed with this disease. More importantly, a drug such as this may be used with other metastatic cancers such as breast or melanoma.


ASI will build its traditional UL certified flame resistant coverall made in a medium blue color (Prostate Cancer color) and we will be donating a specific amount of funds from the sale of each coverall. The garments will come with the Prostate Aware logo and the #SHOWYOURPAIR slogan/hash tag.

See the garment image here.

We are partnering with our suppliers, customers and employee’s to generate as much exposure and funds as possible for this wonderful cause.


Thank you for your partnership

New items added!

A few more products have been added to the ASI catalog for 2014!

– the Premium unlined coverall -40PX. Currently offered in Tecasafe plus 7oz royal blue and grey, this upgraded version of our 40DX coverall comes complete with a Nomex® mesh pocket, mic loops and adjustable hook & loop leg tabs.

– an insulated Nomex vest. the 30DX is an updated version of a tried and true design. Complete with a Nomex® mesh pocket and mic loops

– the return of an old friend, our 56FL Nomex 13.0 fleece jacket is back with no reflective trim as well as our Enhance Visibility options.

new additions!

Apparel Solutions has some new modacrylic fleece products added to its catalog as well as an updated hard hat liner- the “Hot Head”!  Check them out in our products page. The modacrylic fleeces include a new detachable hood styling designed with today’s safety conscious work sites in mind.

Steam burn- on the frontlines

There is extensive use of steam and hot water in the oil industry in Western Canada for the extraction of bitumen from the oil sands and the production of heavy oil. The steam used in the oil industry for the purpose of extraction is under very high pressure (upto 13,500 kPa) and is a considerable hazard to the workers that come in contact with it. Standard fire resistant (FR) protective garment systems worn by the workers do not provide adequate protection against steam and hot water related hazards. Apparel Solutions International along with the University of Alberta and other stakeholders have come together through the ‘Steam Project’ to find solutions for the issue of steam and hot water, within the context of the oil and gas industry. Significant research has been done so far on the Level 2 protective garment systems usually worn by the workers in the oil industry over their FR coveralls while performing critical and hazardous tasks involving steam and hot water. The ‘Steam Project’  has also established some preliminary research on seams, to enable the fabrication of a protective garment system using a tri-laminate fabric along with impermeable seams that would project against steam and hot water. Apparel Solutions International is setting the trend for the industry on this path breaking research and is fulfilling the need for better PPE for the workers in the oil industry, through research and innovation.

We here at Apparel Solutions are proud to be involved in the “Steam Project’ and we are always striving to be at the forefront of the ever changing safety requirments in today’s industries.

 Follow these links to see a  VIDEO  on the garments built right here, a write up from the U of A site on the emerging issue, or these recent articles in the Edmonton JournalCalgary Herald.

Dual UL Certification!

We here at Apparel Solutions are proud to announce we now have dual UL certification on our core program of FR coveralls!  This means they are fully certified to both CAN/CGSB 155.20 (the Canadian standard) and to NFPA 2112 (the US standard).

From collar to leg cuff, every component that goes into a pair of Apparel Solutions coveralls is certified , every step in our manufacturing of that garment is certified, even our facility is certified! 

Every thing we do here at Apparel Solutions has one goal in mind, to keep you SAFE. We are committed to safety, we are committed to quality, we are committed to you.


Apparel Solutions International is excited to announce that we are now an authorized distributor of the DRIFIRE® line of base layer FR garments. Drifire® garments offer inherent flame resistance as well as arc flash protection as well as moisture and odor control through drirelease® technology.

Learn more about the properties and benifits of DRIFIRE® here.


Updating a classic

We are currently revamping our hard hat liner. Some of the new features are velcro straps to secure it into your hard hat’s harness rather than the traditional “holes” giving a better fit to your head, UltraSoft® fleece neck guard for additional protection, and a redesigned shape to increase peripheral vision. We are also evaluating a fully fleece lined version as well as an insulated one to see which would give a true “3 season” liner.  Pre-production samples are available for viewing and we welcome your opinion, contact us if you would like to see one!

StayCool FR

Apparel Solutions has begun wear trials on StayCool FR garments made with UltraSoft AC™, the newest fabric innovation from the makers of UltraSoft® that utilizes the superior benifits of pima cotton to create one of the softest and most comfortable FR cotton blends on the market today. 7oz. coveralls and work shirts are being site-tested with 9oz variations in the wings. For a quick facts sheet click here.