Apparel Solutions

Everything that we manufacture follows a strict set of construction guidelines to assure a quality product:

  • Sewn with Nomex® high tenacity inherently flame resistant thread
  • YKK zippers set to Nomex® tape
  • Bar tacked at all stress points
  • All metal thermally protected from the skin
  • Reflective tape double stitched & sewn into seams during construction
  • All garments built to current Flame Resistant Safety Standards

But there are times when stock is just not enough. Specific sites, job descriptions and even personal preferences can have an effect on a gaments final design. Whether it’s simply adding a name bar to a stocked garment or working with a client to design a complete custom item that meets thier specific needs, Apparel Solutions International can help you create a PPE program that will work for you.


Company branding is an important part of any clothing program, and PPE is no exception. We can help you with ensuring that your logo is properly and accurately displayed on any item with cresting, direct embroidery or silk screening.

Garmet Modifications

Nomex® mesh pockets, mic loops and velcro leg tabs are just a few of the modifications available to our stock gaments.

Custom Programs

Once we have helped you decide on what your specific needs are, we can ensure that you receive a consistant and accurate order process through a custom order form that lists all required modifications and decorating. This allows for simple and streamlined order placement, even with multiple locations and divisions. We can also keep an on-hand stock of any cresting that you require for quick turn around.

Specific Standards & Custom Garments

Our PPE is designed to protect your workers in the event of a flash fire or electric arc while also meeting high visibility requirements. There are times, however, where modifying a stock item is still not enough. Apparel Solutions International can work with you to create a completely custom garment to meet almost any set of design criteria.

  PPE standards and their corresponding performance tests can be complex. This is compounded when PPE must meet multiple standards (flash fire, electric arc and regional high visibility standards).  We understand them and their corresponding tests and would be glad to answer your questions and address your concerns with accuracy. Whatever the industry, we will develop a custom apparel program to address your specific needs. We will help you understand what the regulations mean, how they apply to you, and – most importantly – what your workers need to wear to be safe.

We address the following PPE specifications:

· CAN/CGSB-155.20-2000 Workwear for Protection Against Hydrocarbon Flash Fire
· CAN/CGSB-155.22-97 Fireline Workwear for Forest Firefighters
· ASTM F 2733-09 Standard Specification for Flame Resistant Rainwear for Protection Against Flame Hazards

Electric Arc Flash:
· NFPA 70E-09: Standard For Electrical Safety In The Workplace®
· CSA Z462-08 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard

High Visibility:
· CSA Z96-09 High-Visibility Safety Apparel
· BC WCB 2 PPE 2-1997

Please contact ASI for an evaluation of your PPE needs.