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The [FEMALE] Coverall

Every feature of the Covergall was designed for a safer and more efficient work environment for women in industrial sectors. From top to bottom, the Covergall is better tailored to the shape of a women, offering a safer fit that out performs anything on the market.

Discover the coverall created for women.


Safer fit

For a safer and more tailored fit, the Covergall is equipped with snaps at wrists and an adjustable waist to ensure the garment does not hang or get caught in equipment.


Less downtime

Covergall’s exclusive rear opening functions with the two-way main zipper to improve the toilet use experience. Making bathroom breaks significantly quicker and easier for women.


Range of options

A range of options in colours and reflective safety striping means that the Covergall is made-to-order in a variety of options for any industrial environment. Contact us for more details.

Contact us for more details.