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KERMEL®  aramid fiber

Kermel is a polyamide-imide, classified as a meta-aramid fiber.


Quick Facts

  • Permanently non-flammable by nature.
  • Excellent thermal insulator, providing efficient protection from heat, even in lightweight protective clothing.
  • Chemical inertness provides efficient protection against the majority of chemical agents, even at high concentrations under the effect of splashing.
  • Solution-dyed during the manufacturing process for exceptional color fastness.
  • Unequalled drape, softness and comfort.
  • Does not pill high and has a resistance to abrasion.

KERMEL®  Lenzing® FR

Lensing® FR viscose is made by Lenzing® Fibres, the largest producer of viscose fibres in the world, and is a cellulosic fibre which has a flame retardant pigment built into the fibre during the fibre spinning stage. The combination of these two fibres produces a garmentoffering excellent comfort properties with inherent FR protection capabilities

Fabrics made up of 30% or 50% Lenzing® FR (FR viscose), having proven themselves over many years, provide protection from heat and flames as well as from acids and chemical projections. They do not burn, do not melt and retain their mechanical properties.

Kermel/ Lenzing FR mixtures provide constant protection from fire exposure and heat flash hazards. Ideally suited for hot climates, they offer a high degree of comfort, thanks to the flexibility and softness of the mixture. A large variety of clothing and underwear is available in fabric or knitwear.

Kermel products are certified to NFPA 2112.