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nomex MHP

Innovative Arc Flash Clothing Offers Multi-Hazard Protection

Nomex® MHP fabric protects against multiple thermal hazards, including heat and flame, arc flash, and small molten metal splashes.

The latest innovation from DuPont, Nomex® MHP for arc flash clothing offers utility and industrial workers multi-hazard protection, proven comfort, and market-leading durability.

Extending the trusted Nomex® brand for heat and flame protection, Nomex® MHP fabric also protects against arc flash and small molten metal splashes. It is an excellent choice for workers in utility, chemical, refinery, and other hazardous industrial jobs.

Rated for International Standards

Nomex® MHP for arc flash clothing is specifically designed to meet or exceed the standards required in multi-hazard thermal environments.

Nomex® MHP meets the Arc Flash Protection standard NFPA 70E. Nomex® MHP has an excellent arc rating/weight ratio: 8.6 cal/cm2 and ATPV rating (category 2 as per NFPA 70E) in a 7 oz. fabric.

It meets or exceeds international standards for heat and flame protection, including NFPA 2112 and ENISO11612. It also meets the ENISO11611 standard for small molten metal protection.

Nomex® MHP increases your chances of survival in a thermal hazard. Mannequin testing shows very low percent body burn at 3, 4 and 5 second exposures (NFPA 2112, ISO 13506).

Physical properties tested to 100X IL; planning additional physical test and garment tests to 200 IL.

Built-In Protection

Unlike other materials, Nomex® MHP fabric has flame-resistant properties built into the fibers and will never be affected by washing, abrasion, or exposure to heat. So you get a tougher, more durable fabric with a longer lifespan and, ultimately, a better value.

Fast-Drying Comfort

Made of 34% aramid/ 33% lyocell/ 31% modacrylic/ 2% anti-static materials, Nomex® MHP is engineered to absorb moisture and dry fast, so workers can stay comfortable on the job.

Nomex® MHP for arc flash clothing beats the competition as proven in independent studies conducted by the French Institute for Textiles and Clothing:

  • It dries faster than flame-retardant (FR) treated cotton.
  • It has a low actual weight that is lighter than the competition.
  • It has a superior fabric hand.
  • It has less shrinkage than FR-treated cotton and modacrylic blends.

Thanks to these features, Nomex® MHP provides better fit and retention of fit, which is key for comfort and professional appearance.

Color Availability

Available in medium blue, khaki, and navy, Nomex® MHP fabric offers better color protection after UV exposure compared to other blends and FR-treated cotton.

More Durable, More Cost-Effective

Nomex® MHP for arc flash clothing is more durable than FR-treated cotton and other available blends, making it more cost-effective.

This durability is achieved through improved breaking strengths and high abrasion levels. Predictions of long-term durability come from combining these levels after laundering. The inherent qualities of Nomex® MHP ensure wash and color fastness and low shrinkage from washing. In fact, Nomex® MHP abrasion actually improves with laundering, and its break strength is 60% higher than FR-treated cotton.