Apparel Solutions

Tom Legare: President/Chief Executive Officer

Tom Legare is the founder of Apparel Solutions; along with being the President/CEO he is also the head of the Sales Team. Tom founded Apparel Solutions International in 2006 with the vision of providing excellent PPE to clients without compromising on integrity, quality or value. He has been a business owner in the safety clothing industry for over 25 years. Tom was also an owner of Prof Canada(1987), which merged into Performance Apparel Canada in 2003. Tom also founded Phoenix Oilfield Supply in 1981 in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


Robert Legare: Chief Operating Officer

Robert oversees all of the operations of the business from manufacturing, procurement, inventory, to customer service. Robert began working in the safety clothing manufacturing business with Prof Canada’s in 1998. Before working with Apparel Solutions Robert was also General Manager of Korbana Protective Apparel in Calgary. Robert returned to the family business taking a role with Apparel Solutions in May of 2007 as Product Manager. In October 2008 he was named Chief Operating Officer.


Shawn Lowry: Chief Financial Officer

Shawn took the Chief Financial Officer position with Apparel Solutions in February of 2008. Originally from Edmonton, he holds an MBA from University of Alberta School of Business, he attended Claremont Graduate University in Southern California and was the owner and manager of companies in the technology and pharmaceutical industries.


Rob Thomas: Vice President Operations

Rob is responsible for the consistency and control of the operations department and is responsible for the daily operations of Apparel Solutions. Rob began with Apparel Solutions at it’s inception in 2006. Before moving to Apparel Solutions, Rob worked for Performance Apparel and Prof Canada as Business Development Manager.


Peter Clark:  Vice President Training, Research & Development

Peter has been with Apparel Solutions since June 2006, and is responsible for maintaining the utilization of the current standards, regulations and specifications for the apparel manufactured by Apparel Solutions. Peter currently sits on a CGSB flash fire advisory board and an NFPA technical committee, as well as having worked with multiple committees in the past for policy development. Peter’s passion for safety can be traced to his accident in 1979, when he was severely burned in an explosion. He fosters an educational attitude with our clients, and is commonly used as a guest presenter for safety meetings, conferences and lectures. He has been repeatedly recognized with honors and medals for his contributions to burn prevention and safety promotion.